About this blog

Hello. My name is Janette and I’m pleased to e-meet you on this journey of discovery and reinvention.

Once, my identity was wrapped around being a journalist, but I managed to wrench myself away from the big-career, big-city treadmill. Today, I live and work on the edge of a coastal dune forest, often under the milkwood tree. From here, I ride the work-life see-saw, up and down, and explore ways to live sustainably.

When I started my blog back then (on Blogspot), the focus was on post-corporate survival and the sub-title was “Thoughts from the edge of sensibility”. It was apt because my decisions – like stepping off the treadmill, hugging trees – put me on the fringe. But things change: people change; the world changes. The fringe is taking the centre. It has to because the Earth, our home, is in such trouble – caused by us. But we are not helpless. Each of us has the power to heal the Earth. If we each make ripples, together we can create a tsunami of healing.

So I observe. And I write and take photographs because I love to do that and because I hope to share something useful or thought provoking. And I venture to discover places and people finding their own path, choosing to live lightly in their own ways. Wherever I go, whoever I meet, I come back and settle beneath the twisting branches of the milkwood.

(All pics here are taken by me unless otherwise indicated. I retain all rights to them.)

Scattered about

Somehow, I have scattered myself all over the Internet. You can also find me here:

How to contact me

Please do share your experiences and thoughts with me. Feel free to comment on any of my posts. You can also reach me on janette AT underthemilkwood dot co dot za. (Apologies, I know that looks odd, but I’m told that this is how you avoid being spammed by bots.)