About this blog

Hello. I’m pleased to e-meet you on this journey of discovery and reinvention.

There was a time that my identity was wrapped around being a journalist, and I’m happy that I managed to wrench myself away from the big-career, big-city treadmill. Today, I live and work on the edge of a coastal dune forest, often under the milkwood tree. From here, I ride the work-life see-saw – imagine how boring it would be if it was always level – and explore ways to live sustainably.

When I started my blog back then (on Blogspot), the focus was on post-corporate survival and the sub-title was “Thoughts from the edge of sensibility”. It was apt because my decisions – like stepping off the treadmill, hugging trees – put me on the fringe. But things change: people change; the world changes. I came back to blogging after a seven-year break. Today, the fringe is taking the centre. It has to because the Earth, our home, is in such trouble – caused by us. But we are not helpless. Each of us has the power to heal the Earth. If we each make ripples, together we can create a tsunami of healing.

So I observe. And I write and take photographs because I love to do that and because I hope to share something useful or thought provoking. I venture to discover places and people finding their own path, choosing to live lightly in their own ways. Sometimes, I pick up on a topical or other important issue if I believe I have something of value to add. But wherever I go, whoever I meet, I come back and settle beneath the twisting branches of the milkwood.

(All pics here are taken by me unless otherwise indicated. I retain all rights to them.)

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Somehow, I have scattered myself all over the Internet. You can also find me here:

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Please do share your experiences and thoughts with me. Feel free to comment on any of my posts. You can also reach me on janette@underthemilkwood.co.za.